If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please do contact us directly.

Can I work if I am under the age of 18?

No, you will need to be over 18 to live and work residentially at Cobrey Farms due to Health and Safety requirements.

Do I need to have any previous experience in this kind of work?

No. It would be an advantage, but we have many workers that have never worked in this area before.  Our requirement are that you must be physically able to do the job, enthusiastic and prepared to work hard. We will provide you with training and support.

Do I have to pay to come to the farm?

No, but it is your responsibility to make your own way to the UK (flight costs etc.) We do NOT charge sign-up fees. You should not have to pay someone any money to give you or find you work. If you have any concerns regarding being charged, please email Emma Hicks, HR Manager (in your own language and in confidence) at emma@cobrey.co.uk. For more information about the exploitation of migrant workers, please visit the Stronger Together Website http://stronger2gether.org/workers

When and how will I find out if I have a job?

If your application is successful with Cobrey Farms, we will email you an offer of employment and a date we would like you to start. Please make sure you put a valid email address on your application form. We will begin to make job offers in November/December for the following spring. We employ almost 1,000 seasonal employees so please be patient; we will let you know the outcome of your application either way.

Can I apply with a friend, partner or husband?

Yes you can, there is an option on your application form for you to state their names. We will try our best to arrange the dates together should you both be successful.

Do I need to be able to speak English to work at Cobrey Farms?

No, we have a number of non-native-speaking staff working for us. There are a number of translators on site that will help you, should you need any assistance. However, there are certain roles (e.g. Supervisors and Bus Drivers) that require English speakers, so please be honest on your application form. 

When do I need to arrive?

We will confirm a date with you, however, there is an element of flexibility so please speak directly with the HR team at Cobrey Farms regarding this. The latest arrival times are: Mon-Fri 6pm, Sat-Sun 2pm. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept staff arriving before 7am in the morning or after the above times in the evenings, as your accommodation will not be available.

How will I get to the Farm?

You must email your arrival information to the welfare team 2 weeks prior to arriving. Please also include any requests in regards to family and friends you wish to share accommodation with. Please note, we cannot guarantee these requests will be fulfilled, however we will do our best to accommodate.

You will need to consider how long it will take to get from the airport to the farm (3-4 hours) when booking your flights. You will need to book a coach from the airport / train station to Ross on Wye (National Express provide coaches – www.nationalexpress.com)



If you ring us from the bus station we may be able to collect you, otherwise you will need to get a taxi. There will be nobody available to collect you after 6pm so you should try to arrive before then. The cost of a taxi is approximately £7.

Will I get a day off?

Yes, we always aim to give people at least one day off per week for you to relax and enjoy the local area.

Can I bring my car to Cobrey Farm?

Unfortunately you are NOT allowed a car at Cobrey Farms. You will be allocated 1 free minibus trip to Ross on Wye weekly, and there are plenty of taxi and bus services to get you out and about.

Where is the nearest airport?

Birmingham- 1 hour
Cardiff – 1 hour
Bristol – 1 hour
London Stansted – 3. 5 – 4 hours
London Luton – 2.5 – 3 hours

Can I work for more than one season at Cobrey Farms?

Yes, before you leave Cobrey Farms you can complete a returnee form with your manager to come back the following season. However, no guarantees will be made and contract offers will be based upon performance, disciplinary records and staff availability.

Will I be greeted by anyone when I arrive at Cobrey Farms?

Yes, as long as you arrive during the above specified times one of our welfare team will meet you and provide you with welcome information, including where you will be staying, location of important facilities and induction details.

Do I need to have a UK bank account?

No, we will help you set up a prepaid card, which your wages can be paid onto. The card does contain charges for some types of withdrawal, however this will be explained in the induction. You will be able to use this card in most shops and establishments both in the UK and in your home country.

If you have a UK bank account you will be required to give this information at your induction training, otherwise a OnePay card will be ordered. Please note you cannot change bank accounts during the asparagus season.

Who will make my food?

Staff are expected to prepare and cook their own meals, including lunch and drinks, while at work.

Can we socialise on the campsite?

Yes, many staff socialise with others within their own mobile homes but also with their neighbours. They listen to music, have BBQs and use the sports facilities on site. We do ask that noise is kept to a minimum after 10pm due to early starts.

Are the campsites and caravans secure?

All members of each mobile home will be provided with a security code, however you will be responsible for your own valuables, so do ensure you lock up at all times. Keep your bankcard and pin number secure and do not leave these lying around.

During the asparagus season, we employ security to support the welfare team and look after staff between the hours of 8pm and 6am. Security will be responsible for ensuring you are safe but also making sure noise levels are reasonable and campsite rules are followed.

I don’t have a national insurance number does this mean I can’t work?

No, we will assist you in securing a national insurance number when you are at the farm.