Here are some testimonials from our current employees, many of whom return to us year-on-year.

Ventsislav Vladev


I have worked for Cobrey Farms for 2 seasons and my job is to harvest asparagus in the field. In my first season I worked for 3 months but I enjoyed it so much I decided to come back to work for longer in 2014.  My friend recommended that I worked in the UK to earn money and I am so pleased I took his advice.

During my second year at Cobrey Farms I started to take on some extra responsibility and I am now a supervisor in the field. My job is to make sure that the other staff know what they are doing and support them all.

The job is hard work but is really rewarding at the same time. It has given me lots of opportunity to gain new skills and earn money while doing it!

I am going to university next year but I definitely plan to come back to Cobrey Farms for the main asparagus season to earn some money to help me pay for my studies.

Piotr Walczk


My first season working for Cobrey Farms was in 2014. I have always wanted to travel and experience new countries and earn money at the same time. I applied directly to Cobrey Farms and didn’t use an agency. It was a bit scary moving away from my home country for 3 months but the Cobrey Welfare team made me feel really welcome and relaxed when I arrived.

My job is to harvest asparagus in the field. At the beginning I found the job really hard as it is really physical, but after a week or so I found it got easier. The training I was given was good and I soon understood what I needed to pick and at what speed.

My favourite part of the job is earning good money and also working as part of a team. The atmosphere on the campsite is really nice and I have made lots of good friends.

I have put my returnee form in to return next year and can’t wait to come back next April!

Zornitsa Svetoslavova


I first started working for Cobrey Farms in 2008 while I was a student and wanted to earn some money over the summer. I came back to work in 2009 as a friend wanted me to join her for another season and I have never left!

In my first season at Cobrey I worked in the field and in the pack house and have since worked in many areas at the Farm.

My current job is the Technical Manager and I am in charge of overseeing the packhouse Health and Safety and keeping it at the standards expected.

Cobrey is a fantastic place to work, the family that own the business are great and I have made so many friends while I’ve worked here!

You can come here to work seasonally as a student to save some money or the potential is there to turn it into a career! I would definitely recommend people working here!

Alina Ivascu


I have now worked for Cobrey Farms for 3 seasons, starting in 2012. When I first came here I worked on the packing lines and after two years I was promoted to a supervisor. As a supervisor I have lots of responsibility, for the team, machines and the end product.

My original aim was to come here to earn money and then return home to Romania. I however now feel at home here at Cobrey and in England, I am now even used to the weather!!

I have made so many friends here and like that people come back every year. The accommodation is good and you can make it feel like home. There are good facilities available on the campsite like the shop and the laundry.

I have tried many jobs in England but this is definitely my favourite one so far!

I would definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking about coming to do so!